Why I Buy My Exercise Machines During Amazon Prime Day

Finding a good deal on gym equipment is not always easy. You can browse through different sites and get lucky. Based on my experience, though, there is no better place to look than Amazon.

Because it is a marketplace, it features tons of Amazon sellers, specialty gym equipment sellers, and even international sellers.

In one place, I could find more deals than Googling my way through a whole list of e-commerce sites. 

Why Buy Your Exercise Equipment on Amazon

Top Deals

When I shop on Amazon, I can compare the prices between tons of retailers and because they know the competition is tough, they try to keep the prices low.

There are even ways to save money by buying used products or items that are still generally new but just come with damaged packaging or were returned.

This way, I had the chance to save a few more dollars. Let’s face it, if you want a full home gym, you could use those dollars towards something else. 

Free Shipping

Some retailers will pay for shipping, so you can add to your savings! If you are buying something bulky, delivery can be expensive.

Thus, you would not regret being able to have it sent directly to your doorstep without an extra charge. It also beats going to the store and lugging these things to your car.

Wide Range Of Choices

No more worrying about a specific online retailer only carrying certain brands.

This means, in one site, you can buy almost everything and only have to deal with one shipping, one payment, and one customer service rep if you do have any concerns with your purchase.


Returns are mostly free, but there might be some exceptions. Still, the fact that you can return items when you do not like them saves you the headache of having to be 500% sure of your purchases.

You then prevent yourself from being stuck with something that you are not fully happy with.

The Reviews

Buying online is tough, because you are not able to see, touch, nor try out the product before paying for it. The great thing is, you can rely on other customers’ feedback and experience.

Amazon makes it easy for you to ask questions from the seller and other buyers, as well as read about the pros and cons of the item you want to purchase.

I also love how I can filter results based on ratings, so I am sure I am buying a tried-and-tested top item.

International Sellers

Very few sites allow you to access offers coming from outside of Australia. Amazon not only makes it easy for you to find them, but you will easily see if they do ship to your address.

Also, you can determine how much customs duties might cost you. Buying from international sellers has never been easier, in my opinion.

Videos and Photos of the Item

Some buyers post pictures of the item they bought. In the same way, videos can also be uploaded by the seller to make it easy for you to know what it is you are actually paying for.

I have personally looked through them carefully and learned tons from them.

The Top Reason Why I Buy My Equipment on Amazon

A couple of days ago, I received a notification that my long-awaited favorite day for shopping is finally coming up.

I seriously have been saving money to purchase some new exercise equipment but I have been waiting for Australia’s Amazon Prime Day, hoping to catch some special deals.

On October 13 and 14, sellers will be posting additional discounts and offers on almost everything, including gym equipment, of course.

Because some of the items I have my eye on cost more than a hundred dollars, even a 10% discount can mean sweet savings for me.

Tune In To Amazon Prime Day

You will need an Amazon Prime subscription to access the deals, but there are trials available to test the service if you do not want to shell out on the membership.

Once you gain access, start browsing for your new favorite exercise equipment.

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