Nutrition, Evolution, and Having a Healthy Diet

Nutrition has everything related to well-being. This really is not news, just, but looking around at the crazy information on the marketplace, one wonders if anyone actually makes the connection: what you eat affects how you feel. It is not that complex. Your well-being is dependent upon the food choices you make in the short and long term.
Take a pill, and all you have done is treat a symptom. Alter your eating habits, and make an enduring change in your well being. There are really so many approaches to eating, however, and so much contradictory advice that it is come down to this easy question: does whatever you are eating right now make sense?
Well, sense is not common, and it does depend on some great advice. So here is something to contemplate: what type of foods are humans evolved to eat? Cheetos? Do not believe so. That is a no brainer, but what about some others that we counted as healthy staples until recently, like pasta and bread. Go back way in your imagination, to hunter gatherer days – before the obesity which followed for the very first time among people along with agriculture – and consider what would be part of our ancestors’ normal diet. In the event you are going to take something into your mouth which was not around before agriculture, (a comparatively recent development in human history), then eat it knowing it is not considered a ‘normal’ food by your body. Foods your body considers ‘normal’ contribute to your wellbeing, other foods are either harmful or neutral. How simple is that?

A well known exploration of the notion that certain foods help our bodies thrive is Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s novel, “Eat Right 4 Your Type,” in which he bases his lists of what to eat and avoid on blood type. D’Adamo Claims that type O is the earliest kind, and the newer A type did not show up on the scene until agriculture. So, Os should eat a lot of meat and veg because that blood type does not understand how to handle too much grain. Type As can eat grain, but not dairy product. Dairy is a category reserved as a ‘regular’ food just for the yet more recent human blood type, AB. (Perhaps we’ll evolve a fresh kind that could handle Cheetos and red licorice, my personal favorite abnormal foods).

D’Adamo supports his blood type theory with a variety of careful research, and so what? Does it make sense that people should rely primarily on foods which occur naturally? Absolutely. In the event you are going to eat a grain like wheat then, eat it whole, or do not eat it and do not eat much of it anyway because humans pretty much made wheat up! I am not going to take the, “Does it happen naturally?” argument too far, as it is time to look at another researcher’s take on the food and evolution connection.

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