My Sprained Ankle Problem and How Physiotherapy Helped Me Recover


For the last several years, I have always been rushing to the office every morning just to be on time. I had to rush because of reasons like traffic or I woke up late. However, I am still able to wake up early most of the time. It’s just that it’s in my nature to always feel like rushing when going to the office. So whenever I walk from the car to my cubicle, there are times that I get a twisted ankle because of the rapid movement of my feet. The first ones were okay and I didn’t mind them because I didn’t feel any pain. However, last week was a different experience.

I was walking up the stairs and was again rushing because I have to be in at an earlier time. There were paperworks that I have to finsih that day. While on my way up I suddenly tripped and almost fell to the ground. When I was already sitting in front of my desk, I started to feel the pain and realized that I may be having a sprained ankle. During our break that morning, I went to the company clinic to have my ankle checked. The nurse asked me to stay for a while. She applied a hot compress to relieve the pain. Before I went back to my workplace, she advised me to consult with a physiotherapist and told me that physiotherapy is highly recommended for ankles that have been twisted and sprained many times. She stressed that an ankle injury should not be taken for granted because it can lead to more serious problems.

When I came home, I asked my husband if he knows about physiotherapy and if there are physio clinic in Werribee. He told me that it is a therapy that addresses the pain we feel in our muscles and joints. He doesn’t know much about the methods and benefits but he knows of a Werribee physio clinic that can greatly help me. He teased me a little because I am already in my 30s and yet I have little knowledge about alternative therapies such physio. He emphasized the fact that I always have my ankles twisted. I replied that I have never made a big deal out of my previous minor ankle injuries until what happened last week. I further told him that I was obliged to look for a physiotherapy clinic because our company nurse advised me to do so and that the thought of having serious ankle problems bothers me.

The next day, I visited the nearest physio clinic. But before the visit, I checked their website to know about their background and to determine whether or not they are reliable and reputable. I decided to visit the clinic after reading some of their client testimonials and after learning that they have been 10 years in the business. During my first visit, I was told that a sprained ankle is acquired when the foot turns inward and the ankle rolls outward. The ankle becomes sprained when its outside ligament becomes stretched and torn. There are also cases that the foot turns outward and the ankle rolls inward. This damages the inside ligament of the ankle.

The therapist examined my foot and my ankle. She moved them and asked me whether or not I feel pain. After learning that I don’t have a serious problem in my ankle, she further performed some light movements on my feet. She advised me to follow a regular range-of-motion exercises to rehabilitate my ankle. It is important to prevent further serious problems. She emphasized that the frequency of twists and sprains my ankles suffered from should not be disregarded. She also instructed me that if I feel pain I have to put ice bag on my ankles whenever I perform the exercise. The exercise is very basic and simple. I just have to trace the alphabet using my toes. In this way, the ankle is trained to move in different directions.

Aside from the range-of-motion exercises, the therapist also explained to me the importance of balance exercises, strength training and stretching. She recommended that I visit the clinic again at least twice so she can help me perform the other types of exercises. After I learn to properly perform them all I can do the exercises in my house on a regular basis and I just need to visit for final check-up and assessment.

After two weeks of doing the exercises, I started to feel a huge difference in how I move my ankles. It’s very easy for me now to do quick movements. However, I also become more conscious and careful because my ankles may twist and may get sprained again. I learned that physiotherapy is an effective way to treat sprained ankles and I also learned how to be more careful about my movements.

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