How Stadiums Are Making Indoor Futsal Famous

It’s not all the time that a soccer field is free or that it will be sunny to accommodate all your sports activities. I play indoor soccer a lot so it somehow dampens my mood if there are a few weeks in a row that I cannot play because of the bad temper.

What is Indoor Soccer?

If you aren’t familiar with the sport, indoor soccer is also known as futsal although in Australia it is generally called as the former. It is similar to soccer except that, well, it is held indoors. It also played by five players who can have unlimited substitutions during the game. And since indoor soccer is played inside, it also has a smaller field with boundaries on the side.

At first, I was iffy playing indoor soccer because being a soccer player, I was used to playing outdoors and following the rules of the game. But when there were too many rains that delayed my games, I let my friend convince me to try indoor soccer.

As it turns out, indoor soccer or futsal was brought to Australia around the 1970s. It was not originally made in the country and when it was embraced by the Australians, it became a sport everyone else played. Today, Australia has both a men’s and a women’s national team playing for the country.

Playing in Indoor Stadiums

My friends and I always go to indoor stadiums to play indoor futsal. There is one at Salisbury which is named Action Salisbury where indoor soccer is often played at Court 4 (I think it’s the largest court in the stadium).

The first time I played at an indoor stadium I thought that these places weren’t famous. I thought barely anyone went there and I expected to see a dusty sports club. But when I actually visited the place, I was amazed to see so many sporting events happening at the same time. If you want to see more of the place, you can visit their website.

Indoor Soccer at Action Salisbury

Apparently, there are a lot of events that happen for indoor soccer. There are even competitions held which they call “Open Indoor Soccer” competitions where the competitions are open for both men and women. They run for 35 minutes starting at 6 pm and end at around 10 pm.

A great thing with Action Salisbury is that they have a great staff and a great facility to be able to accommodate continuous indoor soccer competitions. Because of this, more people will be encouraged to try indoor futsal or just go to sports stadiums to play their own sport. I, for one, would love to go back and try out some of their indoor sports.

Another great thing about indoor sports stadiums is that it takes away the inconvenience of constantly worrying about the weather and worrying that the ball will hit someone else’s things. Obviously, it will also be unsafe if the ball always ends up on the road. With indoor stadiums, you can focus solely on winning your indoor soccer game. The stadiums I always go to have indoor nettings to act as barriers for the ball in case it goes out.

And lastly, Action Salisbury and some of Action’s indoor stadiums, have really helped to spread the sport. Because of the year-round competitions they hold for people, the word goes out that indoor soccer is a great game to try. Personally, I want to encourage you to try to give indoor soccer or futsal a try. It’s having the concept of soccer except that you are no longer under the sun or rain.

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