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Understanding Cholesterol and How it can be Reduced with the Right Food

Science has already proven that high cholesterol levels significantly increases one’s risk for developing heart diseases secondary to plaque formation. Over time, this plaque grows until it obstructs sufficient blood flow to the heart leading to compromised cardiac function. Because a great majority of the cholesterol in the body comes from food that we eat, [Continue]

Children and Physiotherapy

Doctors often recommend physiotherapy for children and teenagers who have movement problems and injuries as caused by disability, disease or illness. Physiotherapists work to reduce the pain and help kids and teens return to their normal daily activities such as schooling, playing and exercising. They facilitate guided exercise modules to kids to help them regain [Continue]

The Importance Of Teen Fitness

Childhood obesity has, from being an aberration, become a cause of worry. Now, there’s increasing concentrate on the wellness of adolescents and kids, as well as the dearth of fitness in that special age group is continually under a spotlight. What must be done is to formulate ways in which adolescents could be motivated to [Continue]

The Key to Building Strong Bones

Bones function as the framework of the body. Bone is living tissue that experiences a cyclical procedure for creating, degradation, and rebuilding. Some illnesses like osteoporosis has an effect on the building and rebuilding procedure itself while healthy bones can resist outside pressures enough to stop breakage. Instead of strong bones, a man who has [Continue]