Why I Buy My Exercise Machines During Amazon Prime Day

Finding a good deal on gym equipment is not always easy. You can browse through different sites and get lucky. Based on my experience, though, there is no better place to look than Amazon.

Because it is a marketplace, it features tons of Amazon sellers, specialty gym equipment sellers, and even international sellers.

In one place, I could find more deals than Googling my way through a whole list of e-commerce sites. 

Why Buy Your Exercise Equipment on Amazon

Top Deals

When I shop on Amazon, I can compare the prices between tons of retailers and because they know the competition is tough, they try to keep the prices low.

There are even ways to save money by buying used products or items that are still generally new but just come with damaged packaging or were returned.

This way, I had the chance to save a few more dollars. Let’s face it, if you want a full home gym, you could use those dollars towards something else. 

Free Shipping

Some retailers will pay for shipping, so you can add to your savings! If you are buying something bulky, delivery can be expensive.

Thus, you would not regret being able to have it sent directly to your doorstep without an extra charge. It also beats going to the store and lugging these things to your car.

Wide Range Of Choices

No more worrying about a specific online retailer only carrying certain brands.

This means, in one site, you can buy almost everything and only have to deal with one shipping, one payment, and one customer service rep if you do have any concerns with your purchase.


Returns are mostly free, but there might be some exceptions. Still, the fact that you can return items when you do not like them saves you the headache of having to be 500% sure of your purchases.

You then prevent yourself from being stuck with something that you are not fully happy with.

The Reviews

Buying online is tough, because you are not able to see, touch, nor try out the product before paying for it. The great thing is, you can rely on other customers’ feedback and experience.

Amazon makes it easy for you to ask questions from the seller and other buyers, as well as read about the pros and cons of the item you want to purchase.

I also love how I can filter results based on ratings, so I am sure I am buying a tried-and-tested top item.

International Sellers

Very few sites allow you to access offers coming from outside of Australia. Amazon not only makes it easy for you to find them, but you will easily see if they do ship to your address.

Also, you can determine how much customs duties might cost you. Buying from international sellers has never been easier, in my opinion.

Videos and Photos of the Item

Some buyers post pictures of the item they bought. In the same way, videos can also be uploaded by the seller to make it easy for you to know what it is you are actually paying for.

I have personally looked through them carefully and learned tons from them.

The Top Reason Why I Buy My Equipment on Amazon

A couple of days ago, I received a notification that my long-awaited favorite day for shopping is finally coming up.

I seriously have been saving money to purchase some new exercise equipment but I have been waiting for Australia’s Amazon Prime Day, hoping to catch some special deals.

On October 13 and 14, sellers will be posting additional discounts and offers on almost everything, including gym equipment, of course.

Because some of the items I have my eye on cost more than a hundred dollars, even a 10% discount can mean sweet savings for me.

Tune In To Amazon Prime Day

You will need an Amazon Prime subscription to access the deals, but there are trials available to test the service if you do not want to shell out on the membership.

Once you gain access, start browsing for your new favorite exercise equipment.

How Stadiums Are Making Indoor Futsal Famous

It’s not all the time that a soccer field is free or that it will be sunny to accommodate all your sports activities. I play indoor soccer a lot so it somehow dampens my mood if there are a few weeks in a row that I cannot play because of the bad temper.

What is Indoor Soccer?

If you aren’t familiar with the sport, indoor soccer is also known as futsal although in Australia it is generally called as the former. It is similar to soccer except that, well, it is held indoors. It also played by five players who can have unlimited substitutions during the game. And since indoor soccer is played inside, it also has a smaller field with boundaries on the side.

At first, I was iffy playing indoor soccer because being a soccer player, I was used to playing outdoors and following the rules of the game. But when there were too many rains that delayed my games, I let my friend convince me to try indoor soccer.

As it turns out, indoor soccer or futsal was brought to Australia around the 1970s. It was not originally made in the country and when it was embraced by the Australians, it became a sport everyone else played. Today, Australia has both a men’s and a women’s national team playing for the country.

Playing in Indoor Stadiums

My friends and I always go to indoor stadiums to play indoor futsal. There is one at Salisbury which is named Action Salisbury where indoor soccer is often played at Court 4 (I think it’s the largest court in the stadium).

The first time I played at an indoor stadium I thought that these places weren’t famous. I thought barely anyone went there and I expected to see a dusty sports club. But when I actually visited the place, I was amazed to see so many sporting events happening at the same time. If you want to see more of the place, you can visit their website.

Indoor Soccer at Action Salisbury

Apparently, there are a lot of events that happen for indoor soccer. There are even competitions held which they call “Open Indoor Soccer” competitions where the competitions are open for both men and women. They run for 35 minutes starting at 6 pm and end at around 10 pm.

A great thing with Action Salisbury is that they have a great staff and a great facility to be able to accommodate continuous indoor soccer competitions. Because of this, more people will be encouraged to try indoor futsal or just go to sports stadiums to play their own sport. I, for one, would love to go back and try out some of their indoor sports.

Another great thing about indoor sports stadiums is that it takes away the inconvenience of constantly worrying about the weather and worrying that the ball will hit someone else’s things. Obviously, it will also be unsafe if the ball always ends up on the road. With indoor stadiums, you can focus solely on winning your indoor soccer game. The stadiums I always go to have indoor nettings to act as barriers for the ball in case it goes out.

And lastly, Action Salisbury and some of Action’s indoor stadiums, have really helped to spread the sport. Because of the year-round competitions they hold for people, the word goes out that indoor soccer is a great game to try. Personally, I want to encourage you to try to give indoor soccer or futsal a try. It’s having the concept of soccer except that you are no longer under the sun or rain.

Understanding the Difference Between Acupuncture and Dry Needling

Acupuncture is a very old and traditional practice dating back to 5,000 years ago. It originated in China and is part of traditional Chinese medicine. On the other hand, dry needling is a much more modern treatment, developed only in the 20th century.

The two treatments have their similarities, first and foremost is that they both use needles for pain treatment. However, beyond this, these two practices are extremely different from each other. Which leads to the question, what is the difference between acupuncture and dry needling?


The philosophy behind acupuncture is that the body has 12 meridian pathways through which chi flows all around the body. These pathways are linked to internal organs and any blockage can manifest in pain in these body parts. In order to relieve this pain or tension, fine needles are used at specific points along the meridians. These needles are used to stimulate these points for up to half an hour.

Upon doing so, the flow of chi is restored and symptoms are addressed even without needling the exact problematic area. Not only can it treat stress or pain, it may even be effective in alleviating medical conditions and mental illnesses. This may include issues with high blood pressure, problems with the digestive system, anxiety, fertility and much more.

The advantage of acupuncture is that it is an overall approach to pain in the body. After all, they believe that the body is not just a combination of body parts that are independent of each other but instead is interconnected as a whole. The target is to treat the root cause, which means the effects last longer and the patient will feel much stronger. The procedure itself is not painful and is quite relaxing.

Dry Needling 

Dry needling is based on Western medicine philosophy and is called so because the needles do not have any medicine like cortisone or even a saline solution. It is commonly practiced by physiotherapists to handle musculoskeletal issues like back or neck pain, pain in shoulders and arms, migraines or headaches, sciatica and others.

There are two types of dry needling, superficial and deep dry needling. As the name suggests, superficial dry needling does not go down into the myofascial trigger points and like acupuncture, it is not painful. On the contrary, deep dry needling goes directly to these trigger points with the aim of eliciting a response. The idea is that the twitching indicates that the needle was able to reach the knot. Upon doing so, there is an immediate relief from the pain.

Muscles become more relaxed when touched by the needles and at the end of the treatment, pain is permanently reduced. In comparison to acupuncture, the needles only stay for a short amount of time and may be gently moved by the physiotherapist. Patients may report some discomfort similar to a weak electric shock when needles are inserted. After moving it to trigger the knot, this feeling goes quickly away and they feel much more relaxed. 

Some may still experience some discomfort a couple of hours to up to 2 days after going through the treatment. They may also need to go through a few sessions before lasting results can be seen. Still, patients report having an improved sense of well-being, greater mobility, less pain and more energy afterward.

Many doctors may recommend dry needling as a first option for pain management, but it is not suitable for everyone especially those with immune disorders or skin problems. Those who are also taking blood-thinning medication are not advised to go through dry needling. Therefore, a screening procedure may be done beforehand to ensure that the individual is suitable for the treatment. 

Comparing Acupuncture and Dry Needling 

Since both use needles, patients will experience a similar effect that is to be expected when needling is done. Whether it is a physiotherapist or an acupuncturist doing the procedure, the needles will bring about effects and benefits on the body and its parts. For example, stimulation affects the nervous system by activating the body’s normal pain-blocking and pain-relieving mechanisms. Another huge similarity is that dry needling also involves stimulating similar areas as in acupuncture. 

However, the ideology and theory behind the two approaches differ. Dry needling is considered mainly as a tool to treat myofascial trigger points. The goal is to address some issues with the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Needles are then inserted in these specific regions of the body where the pain is felt.

On the other hand, acupuncture considers the different systems of the body to design the treatment and identify where needles are to be placed. The aim is to see an effect in all the body’s major systems.

The last main difference is the applicability. Acupuncture may be done alongside other treatments while dry needling is not as effective when combined with other approaches. 


Both treatments are highly widespread and have proven successful; otherwise they would not be so popular. One major consideration in choosing between the two is the type of condition you have. It is always good to consult with your doctor as well as to which is more appropriate for you based on your treatment needs.

Would You Seriously Buy an Apartment Near a Hospital?



In today’s real estate and property market more and more individuals are looking at apartments as more practical solutions to their need for a home. While some would still pretty much prefer a single detached property complete with lawn and backyard, the modern convenience of living in an apartment, especially if it is located in the city centre and near utilities and public infrastructure, nevertheless provide a more enticing option.

However, as in any other human activity, you need to understand that there are some things to consider before buying an apartment. Location is one thing and while this is not really a problem if it is located within the city centre and just a few blocks away from major conveniences like shopping malls, restaurants, theme parks, entertainment houses, and the like, it may be quite a challenge if it were located right next to a hospital.

Apartments near hospitals will have to contend with three things: the large volume of traffic going to and from the hospital, the potential noise of ambulance sirens every now and then, and the possibility of infectious diseases spreading into the neighbouring areas.

If you buy an apartment near a hospital, the first thing you will have to consider is the size of the hospital, its reputation, and any plans for future expansion. Traffic to hospitals can be quite heavy especially if the apartment complex shares a road with the hospital. There will be plenty of cars of patients’ families and visitors going to and from the hospital. And if the apartment shares a road with the hospital, then you might find it quite challenging and frustrating if cars are backed up to the main road simply because cars are no longer accommodated in the hospital’s parking lot. Now, if the apartment complex has a different road access then this should not really be a problem.

The next thing you have to consider, however, is the development plans of the hospital. Hospitals today are expanding both in terms of the services that they provide but also in their infrastructure. An increase in healthcare services provided can also see a dramatic increase in patient admissions even in an outpatient setting. Day hospitals will often require expanded facilities. The point is that for big hospitals, they surely will be thinking of expanding. The question now is how will this expansion plans affect apartment living? If the hospital decides to put up another hospital building next to your apartment complex, how will it affect your peace and quiet? There will surely be a lot of heavy machinery working round the clock so you might not be able to sleep that well.

Buying an apartment near a hospital means that you must be prepared to listen to the sirens of ambulances rushing patients to the emergency room department of the hospital. While ambulance drivers are obliged to turn off their sirens once they reach hospital premises, their sirens can nevertheless be heard for several city blocks. If this will not bother you and you actually find it pleasing, then an apartment near a hospital is just perfect for you.

The last consideration is quite far-fetched actually. Hospitals have excellent containment facilities such that all harmful and infectious microorganisms are effectively contained in the hospital itself. Unfortunately, microorganisms are so small that you simply won’t know if there are already harmful pathogens in the air that you breathe. Hospitals are places where sick people go. Unfortunately, even before they reach the hospital, they may already be spreading harmful and infectious microorganisms in the air. While there is a dearth of evidence suggesting that living near hospitals can substantially increase the risk of contracting infectious diseases, common sense will often indicate that it is a highly likely possibility. Just imagine a person who has some airborne viral infection but he doesn’t know it yet and he goes to the hospital. From his home to the hospital, he might already be spreading the airborne pathogen. While of course getting sick this way is quite nil, it nevertheless poses a big question as to the viability of living near a hospital.

Should you buy an apartment near a hospital, you need to make sure it does not share the same road as the hospital. Additionally, it should be at least a few blocks away from the hospital’s outer perimeter. Checking any developmental plans of the hospital can also help you make an intelligent decision.

Living in an apartment can have many benefits. The cost of maintenance is generally lower in an apartment since it is done by the property management. Apartment living also provide excellent access to modern conveniences such as shopping complexes and entertainment centres as well as other places where the whole family can have fun. When it comes to maintenance and improvement, you need not spend for this because property owner takes responsibility on the expenditure. It is this convenience that is making individuals decide to buy an apartment, even though it is near a hospital, instead of a single detached home.

Understanding Cholesterol and How it can be Reduced with the Right Food

foods for high cholesterolScience has already proven that high cholesterol levels significantly increases one’s risk for developing heart diseases secondary to plaque formation. Over time, this plaque grows until it obstructs sufficient blood flow to the heart leading to compromised cardiac function. Because a great majority of the cholesterol in the body comes from food that we eat, it does makes sense to reduce the intake of food that is high in cholesterol and to increase the intake of foods that are shown by science to have a natural cholesterol-lowering effect.

The Truth about Cholesterol

It is important to recognize that cholesterol, as a whole, is not bad for your health. Contrary to what you might be inclined to believe, cholesterol is needed by the body for a variety of essential functions. Cholesterol is needed to manufacture some hormones from the adrenal glands. These hormones are responsible for bone health, mental status, healthy digestion, and sex drive. Cholesterol is also an important molecule in the production of bile which emulsifies fat in order to be properly digested by the body. If fat goes undigested, then you are essentially letting the fat molecules run free in the bloodstream further aggravating the risk of developing atherosclerosis. Every single cell in the body is also composed of cholesterol making up the cell’s protective cell membrane.

If cholesterol is that important to the body, why is it related to cardiac diseases?

Cholesterol cannot be transported as is in the blood. As such, cholesterol often requires a carrier molecule in order to exert its effects. In order for fat or cholesterol to travel in the bloodstream, it needs to combine with a protein molecule leading to lipoprotein. There can be many variations depending on the proportion of the component substances. In cholesterol, there are essentially 2 – high density lipoprotein (HDL) and low density lipoprotein (LDL). HDL is composed of 50% protein and 20% cholesterol while LDL contains 50% cholesterol and 25% protein.

Based on this, it should be fairly obvious that the main culprit in cholesterol-related cardiac events is low density lipoprotein simply because half of it is already cholesterol while only a fifth of HDL is cholesterol. As such, health experts all point to increasing the levels of HDL and lowering the levels of LDL as the cornerstone of the management of cholesterol-related heart problems. Owing to the 50% protein composition of HDL, it naturally reduces the amount of circulating cholesterol, those not bound onto proteins, by binding to them and placing them where they are needed most.

Cholesterol-Lowering Foods

Now, at the beginning of the article, food intake was cited as one of the major reasons for an abnormally elevated levels of cholesterol, particularly LDL. While other factors can also lead to increased LDL levels, knowing what foods you need to take in order to lower your cholesterol levels is important in preventing atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, angina pectoris, and other cardiovascular conditions related to fatty plaque deposition on the blood vessel walls.

Here are some of the foods that you can include in your diet to lower your cholesterol levels.

  • High Soluble Fiber Foods – Highly soluble fiber foods have been shown to be effective in lowering the levels of LDL in the blood. This is done by reducing the amount of cholesterol that is being absorbed into the bloodstream resulting in fewer cholesterol molecules roaming free in the blood, it is said that a daily soluble fiber intake of at least 10 grams is sufficient to decrease total and LDL cholesterol levels. Excellent sources of high soluble fiber foods include oatmeal, oat bran, kidney beans, pears, barley, apples, and prunes.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acid-Rich Foods – While omega-3 fatty acids do not necessarily lower LDL cholesterol levels, it does provide sufficient protection for the heart especially in the reduction of the risk for blood clot formation. As such, it is always ideal to include at least two servings of salmon, lake trout, mackerel, sardines, halibut, albacore tuna, or herring every week.
  • Monounsaturated Fatty Acid-Rich Foods – Known to increase HDL levels and reduce LDL levels, monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) can provide for a much healthier cholesterol profile. When it comes to MUFAs, nothing can compare to the effectiveness of avocados as well as extra virgin olive oil. However, caution should be taken when consuming these foods as they are calorie-dense. You may be addressing the need for lower LDL but if you are not careful, you will be putting on additional weight.
  • Stanols- or Sterols- Fortified Foods – Stanols or sterols are natural plant substances that have been shown to be effective in blocking the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream. Some yogurt drinks, orange juice, and a few margarines contain stanols which can reduce LDL by as much as 15 percent.
  • Other CholesterolLowering Foods – Other foods that may help lower LDL cholesterol include whey protein products, tea, spinach, garlic, and chocolate.

Cholesterol is important in the body. However, too much of it can lead to heart problems. Knowing the excellent sources of LDL cholesterol-lowering and HDL cholesterol-increasing substances is crucial to leading a healthier life.

What You Need to Know About Hay Fever and How to Combat It the Right Way

healthy foodsSpring time in Melbourne is arguably one of the most beautiful in the world. Unfortunately for a lot of people, this commences the pollen season too. And that almost always spells out weeks of suffering from allergies, especially from hay fever. Yes, it is true that flowers bloom on gardens, city parks and almost everywhere and they are just so wonderful do look at. The sad thing is the inconvenience that floating pollen can bring to people, adult and children.

But did you know that you actually have a chance to fight the battle against this problem with products from Melbourne online health food stores? But before that, let’s get to know more about this problem.

The Prevalence of Hay Fever in Melbourne

Hay Fever, also known as Allergic Rhinitis, affects at least 17% of the population of adults in Australia. That’s equivalent to over three million people reporting that they have this as a long term condition. This number has doubled in the last decade, possibly due to climate change.

What Exactly Causes Hay Fever?

Pollen is the primary antagonist in this scenario. Pollen from weeds, grasses, shrubs and trees are carried by the wind all over the region during the spring season.

Fungi (molds and spores) and dust can also trigger Hay Fever symptoms. But because these can be found lurking in homes all year round, people suffering from this will naturally have this all year round too. It’s called Perennial Allergic Rhinitis.

The Immunoglobulin Problem

Some people, obviously, are not affected by Hay Fever. So what’s in the bodies of those who are diagnosed with this problem? It’s the antibody called IgE or Immunoglobulin E.

When you come in contact with pollen, the IgE which usually fights off infection will think that the pollen is bad for you. This action triggers a series of chemical reactions, one of which is the release of histamine causing the following symptoms:

  • Nasal congestion
  • Loss of sense of smell and taste often follow suit
  • Runny nose with clear mucus
  • The post-nasal drip often leads to slight coughing too
  • Sneezing
  • Itchiness of the nose and the eyes
  • Excessive tearing (tear production) of the eyes


The Conventional Medications

Anti-histamines, decongestants, and cortico-steroids are just some of the medications prescribed depending on what needs to be targeted. At times, all three are given to the patient. Eye drops are also provided to give relief to the symptoms affecting the eyes.

Because Prevention is Better than Cure

There is very little one can do to stop the spread of pollens, obviously. However, you could do the following to lessen its effects:

Don’t go outdoors too often when pollen is high.

Shut the doors and windows of your home to prevent pollen entry.

If you need to go out, see to it that you wear face masks and wrap around glasses to keep pollen off your eyes and nose.

If pollen spreads more than the normal size, then wearing a surgical mask can help prevent its entry to the body. There are over-the-counter masks that can be purchased in downtown drugstores.

Another not so well-known preventive measure is eating the right kind of food. You’ll never go wrong when healthy food intake is practiced. This is actually the easiest form of prevention. Here are some important facts you should take note of when filling your fridge or food storage:

  • Vitamin C is a natural anti-histamine.
  • Raw food and vegetable diet helps.
  • Milk, sugar and starch are mucus-forming foods, get rid of those
  • Foods high in Magnesium, Calcium, Flavanoids and Methionine are great in reducing histamine-production.
  • Water is the best natural cleansing agent for the body. 8-10 glasses can suffice the needed hydration for the body.


We all know that we cannot control the entry of the seasons and what natural phenomena that they bring. However, we can do our best to be prepared for it. So that when pollen crosses our vicinity we may get sick but not as serious as that of acquiring the illness for the very first time. By having a balance of nutrients in the body plus nutritious food, sufficient sleep and ample exercise you can keep yourself strong and healthy and be able to fight any form of sickness.

The Latest Trends in Men’s Haircut

men's haircutMen are already wearing various stylish cuts and still have been placing a lot more energy than usual in adding more style to them. There is a wide range of stylish mens haircut by Nara Hair Salon in Melbourne that you can choose from. All you need to do is step into the salon and the let the experts do your hair. With talented hairdressers today, you can definitely grab the best advice on what is the best style that fits you.

Hair Styles for Men

Hair can be given some top as well as slides slick. You can do this by applying a styling product that will provide wetness on the hair. Using a comb, divide the hair going to the sides. Add style to the hair on top of the head by running your fingers up and back. Flatten the side portion of the head backwards and let it dry. This haircut is best for all kinds of face shapes.

Another haircut can be done by spiking the top hair and adding some style to it. When styling, you can put on a styling product and spike the hair going up through the use of your fingers. You can add more details to the hair by twisting, piecing, and pinching them together. This haircut is best in giving balance to a face with a wide shape. Individuals with pointy forehead and long face shape may not look good with this kind of haircut.   

The faux hawk is a new style that is patronized by most men today. The asymmetry in this cut adds more flavour and interest to the style. In styling this hair, you can put on a somewhat diagonal faux hawk using your fingers. This haircut is best in balancing out wide- and round-shaped face. Heads that are egg-shaped and faces with longer-shapes would not look good on this kind of cut.

If you are the type of person who wants to keep your hair short, you may have it cut all over. To style this hair, simply put on a hair styling product that would dry the hair easily. Then incorporate texture to your hair through the use of your fingers. This haircut is best for those with oval shaped face.

Another kind of haircut that would surely grab the attention of women is the type of hairstyle that is tight at the sides and styled forward and high on top. If you want to add style to this hair, simply damp your hair and blow it dry on top using your fingers. As for the rest of the hair, blow it dry flat and downwards against the shape of the head. Distribute the styling hair product evenly and create a hairstyle by stroking the hairs up and toward the face. This haircut is excellent for all head and face shapes.   

The clean cut is the classic style that applies to most men. Actually, clean cut is a timeless style that fits men no matter what occasion or ward robe. It is the safest style for those who go for formal and informal fashion. This haircut provides a natural finish as well as a subtle texture without giving it an overdone appearance. The height of the hair on top does not have to go straight up. You can have your hair stroked upwards and to the sides for a little variation. If you want to give this a more stylish look, you may start giving your hair some dampness. Blow it dry on top using your fingers or using a brush and then apply some styling product. This haircut is also good for all head and face shapes.

Hair fashion today is actually a fusion of the old and the new. While some men are accustomed to only one hairstyle, others go for what is trendy. It’s a good thing that hairdressers today are highly-skilled and flexible in keeping up with what customers want for their hair. They are the best person to grab some advice when it comes to styles that fit your face shape, personality and lifestyle. Not all haircuts fit a particular person. It always pays to ask your hairdresser about it. After all, they are the experts.

Children and Physiotherapy

Doctors often recommend physiotherapy for children and teenagers who have movement problems and injuries as caused by disability, disease or illness. Physiotherapists work to reduce the pain and help kids and teens return to their normal daily activities such as schooling, playing and exercising. They facilitate guided exercise modules to kids to help them regain strength and range of motion. Also, they teach parents and their children how to prevent future injuries.

The Role of a Paediatric Physiotherapist

Paediatric Physiotherapists are medical specialists whose aim is to improve body movements in babies, children and adolescents. It is a clinical area of physiotherapy which utilises various methods of treatment such as motor learning and play, adapted equipment, stretching, exercise, strengthening and movement training. Along the process, education is also provided in order for the kids to understand the importance of therapy in the achievement of a normal well-being.

Physiotherapy in children is different from adult treatment considering that there is a big difference in their anatomical, physiological and psychological aspects. These issues are considered to ensure that treatment is carried out in a holistic approach.

How does physiotherapy help children?

  • Paediatric Physiotherapy provides early intervention to children diagnosed with developmental delays, neurological disorder and sensory impairments related to vision and hearing.
  • Physiotherapy helps children cope with pain as caused by positional and biomechanical sports injuries.
  • Physiotherapy helps children improve on postural problems as caused by mobile activities such as dancing, running or falling from an elevated spot.
  • Physiotherapy provides relief to children experiencing body pains as caused by accidents like that of a vehicle or calamity.
  • Physiotherapy helps in the development of children’s motor skills needed to complete their daily activities


Common Concerns from Parents

  • Low birth-weight babies (less than 1500g)
  • Premature babies (less than 36 weeks gestational age)
  • Newborn babies having flat spots on the back or side of their heads, especially after 7 weeks old
  • Newborn babies with weak appetite
  • Newborn babies not tolerating tummy time
  • Babies and toddlers who have difficulty with walking, crawling, sitting and rolling.
  • Toddlers with knock knees, in-rolling ankles, bow legs, pigeon toes
  • Children who have difficulties with running, walking, balance and coordination
  • Children who complain of frequent muscular pain
  • Children with poor posture
  • Children and teenagers who have any sports related injuries
  • Children who encounter frequent falls and poor coordination and balance


When these issues are manifested from your children, see a doctor immediately. They will provide the needed medication and prescribe aftercare treatment as administered by a physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy covers almost all types of health problems encountered by children. Apart from the above-mentioned issues, the following are problems which need intervention:

  • cerebral palsy
  • heart and lung conditions
  • developmental delays
  • genetic disorders
  • orthopaedic disabilities/injuries
  • effects of in-utero drug or alcohol exposure
  • birth defects (such as spina bifida)
  • head injury
  • acute trauma
  • muscle diseases
  • limb deficiencies
  • sports injuries


Physiotherapists treat children using a variety of methods that will allow them to improve gradually over a number of therapy sessions. Depending on the child’s age and condition, the following techniques are carried out:

  • balance and coordination activities
  • developmental activities, such as walking and crawling
  • aquatic (water) therapy
  • adaptive play
  • training to build strength around an injury
  • improving circulation around injuries by using heat, cold, exercise, electrical stimulation, massage, and ultrasound
  • instruction on how to avoid injuries
  • flexibility exercises to increase range of motion
  • safety and prevention programs


During a visit, the physiotherapist usually performs a step-by-step procedure in assessing the child’s condition. The first step is measuring the child’s strength and flexibility. Second is an analysis of the child’s ability to walk and run. Third is identifying potential problems. Fourth is recommendation for therapy. The fifth and the last step is providing instructions for home exercise programs. Part of the evaluation process is also to consult with other medical professionals and school personnel about the child’s medical history.

Children are naturally playful that getting an injury or accident becomes a frequent scenario. While some issues are simple and manageable, serious cases must be dealt with by a specialist. This is what makes the best physio on St Kilda Road essential for children. Whether the health problem is genetic, due to an illness, or caused by injury, the application of physiotherapy can make recovery faster. As a result, kids are able to enjoy their childhood without the apprehension of limited body movements. Overall, normality in life is achieved.